Social Village

A research-based application to help Social Media users know more about their Online Life.

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Our Theoretical Model

Social Village is a Virtual Social Capital measurement tool designed based on Nan Lin's theory of social capital embedded in social networks. We have applied this theory to Online Social Networks and we are trying to study the supports users get from these networks, and motivators who persuade users to be Online.

Multidisciplinary approach

We have tried to mix some fields of scientific expertise including Sociology and Social Sciences with technical skills of web development in order to have an Online research tool that could help study what people are doing Online. So we have utilized our knowledge of Social Media based on 5 years of research and study to reach this aim.See here for yourself!

Acknowledgements & Thanks

We appreciate great helps of Prof. Nicolas Jullien from Telecom Bretagne University who has reviewed and made interesting points about social capital and other questionnaires of this research application. We thank Benjamin Agi so much who has helped us in translating from English to French.